Attaching of pre-creased pockets – highly simplified

With the sewing unit 906 CLASSIC pre-creased pockets are attached in top quality and with maximum efficiency. Changes of the pocket shapes can be realized cheap, easily and quickly in less then three minutes. An optimum view due to the 15 degree inclined table top allows precise aligning of the pocket. The sewing field size of 210 x 210 mm offers even more freedom to design individual pocket shapes.

Product description

Your advantages:

  • Low-priced pocket style sets, short amortization time
  • Quick and easy change of pocket shapes in less than 3 minutes
  • Low maintenance due to approved M-TYPE technology
  • High performance due to max. sewing speed of 3.000 stitches/min.
  • High bobbin thread capacity by XXL vertical hook (Ø 32 mm)
  • Thread breakage identification with automatic sewing stop and monitoring of the bobbin thread capacity by thread consumption control
  • Constant level of maximum seam quality
  • Electromagnetic thread clamping device for neat seam beginning
  • Programming of “input/output signals” for every single stitch possible with constant, tight stitch formation by electronic thread tension, programmable per stitch
  • Sewing thread size up to Nm 15/3 max.
  • Max. sewing field size 210 x 210 mm
  • Quick seam change by means of DACAD software, simply transferable by USB stick

Typical field of application:

  • Automatic attaching of pre-creased pockets in jeans, workwear and sportswear

Style kits and sets:

For completion we offer kits for the local production and customized style sets.

All measures of the kits are in relation to the inner seam.

  • 0906 410014 Kit “standard pockets”, seam width > 94 mm, seam length > 108 mm
  • 0906 410024 Kit “large pockets”, seam width > 132 mm, seam length > 160 mm
  • 0906 929910 Ready to use pocket style set, customized (according to confirmed drawing), without creaser, incl. sewing program on USB stick
  • 0906 929920 Ready to use pocket style set, customized (according to confirmed drawing), with creaser, incl. sewing program on USB stick

Performance features:

  • Approx. 1,800 pockets (with double seam and bartack) in 480 min.



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