Hikari HX6914T

Direct-Drive Cylinder Bed Overlock Machine



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Product description

-Direct-drive super-high-speed cylinder bed 0verlock machine

-Innovation brings technology, technology brings perfect performance

New slender-billed super-high-speed overlock machine, based on the original sewing bed, makes operation smoother and more efficient.

-Unique optional, higher timeliness

Slender-billed super-high-speed overlock machine is optionally equipped with a special designed open-shelf, easy to adjust. With such device, working efficiency is improved when sewing elastic on underwear or other procedures.

-Fast and fine with beautiful stitch

HX6914T slender-billed super-high-speed overlock machine can work on some unique procedures, used for children’s wear cuff, adding elastic in underwear, glove and others. It substantially widens the usability and pretty stitch.

Performance improved, easier operation

Based on HX6800 super-high-speed overlock machine that been deeply well received by users, HIKARI specially optimizes and designs the machine mouth to industrial minimum perimeter by 148 MM, which is suitable for some small and difficult procedures.


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