Folding and attaching of pocket facings

Product description

Efficient folding and attaching of pocket facings

The Beisler sewing unit 2111-5 for automatic folding and attaching of pocket facings increases your productivity. After loading of the two workpieces the facing is automatically folded, positioned on the pocket bag and sewn on. The automatic positioning of the facing guarantees constant firstclass sewing results from the first pocket to the last. The sewing unit allows a fully overlapped working method. The material-independent folding technique for different folding lengths offers you a maximum of flexibility, even for future requirements.

Your advantages:

  • Consistent sewing results on different materials
  • Automatic seam end control either by seam length measurement or reflecting light barrier
  • Fully overlapped working
  • Short training period
  • Easy to service
  • Folding technique independent from the material
  • Different folding lengths
  • Programmable control unit
  • Four various topstitch widths available with quick adjustment

Typical field of application:

  • Fold and attach straight facings to pocket bags (front and hind trousers pockets, jacket outside pockets and lining pockets)

Technical features:

  • Folding station for facings up to 300 mm Long (400 mm as optional equipment)
  • Maximum seam length 450 mm
  • Microprocessor control– All seam parameters are programmable

– Individual seam programs can be combined in retrievable sequences

– Control panel with graphical user’s guidance and internationally comprehensible symbols

– Error diagnostic system

  • Direct sewing drive
  • Small part stacker
  • Seam ends secured either by seam backtacking or stitch condensing
  • Thread monitor for the remaining bobbin thread for safe seam finishing
  • Needle thread monitor

Performance example in 480 min.:

  • Approx. 3.800 – 4.000 pocket facings


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