PFAFF 3307 -4/01

Electronic special machine for tacking operations
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Product description


  • Simple, operator-friendly programming of the seam pattern on standard control panel
  • Equipment: standard clamp foot (for all basting/tacks on outerwear)
  • For different applications, a special feet for each case can be optionally ordered:
    • Nr. 91-233 250-11: Attaching paper labels on haberdashery (socks, gloves etc.)
    • Nr. 91-233 297-11: Attaching shoulder pads, with stitch loosening device
    • Nr. 91-233 362-11: Spot tacking cloth labels



Tacking textile labels on socks and gloves etc.
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Needle system: 190
Needle size: 70-100 Nm (Processing of fine materials), 100-120 Nm (Processing of medium materials)
Max. sewing speeds:  2.000 s.p.m
Stitch type: 101 (Chain stitch)
Sewing area: 8,0 mm (X-Axis) x 12,0 mm (Y-Axis)
Connection voltage: single-phase a.c. 230 V, 50/60 Hz


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