Computerized Direct Drive Flat Bed Interlock Machine

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Product description

Innovative technology brings fast operation experience

It’s a multi-use interlock machine. HIKARI creatively combines common interlock and binding interlock to realize one machine used in two ways. This kind of interlock machine has the same part supplier with Pegasus, so its quality can be comparable with other international brands. After adopting direct drive servo motor control technology, it is a undisputed leading type in similar models, which can increase 20% more working efficiency and save 2/3 electrical energy.

Human-oriented design, easier operation

Stable upper cutter, wide blade fixed knife. Straight cut is convenient to be adjusted.

LED light design, easy operation

Elaborated design of bright adjustable LED light of HW762T-1•2X356-1 UTD/AK, not only makes the labors easy, but also guarantees the quality, only human-oriented design but also practical.

Light, beautiful, fashionable and good texture

Equipped with automatic presser foot lifter, automatic trimmer, computerized direct drive flat bed interlock machine makes operator feel more relaxed and happy.


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