Topstitching the left trousers fly

Product description

First-class topstitching of fly pieces

The sewing units 1911-5 and 1931-5 are excellently suitable for topstitching the left trousers fly combined with endless zipper processing. The sewing unit 1911-5 is especially adapted for the production of classic trousers. The sewing unit 1931-5 offers an even higher flexibility. It can be used for topstitching the fly piece alternatively with one seam or with two parallel seams. Thus, this sewing unit is not only suitable for the production of classic trousers but also for the manufacture of Dockers, Chinos etc. On both sewing units the operator positions the front trousers with the help of a laser marking. The seam end is precisely in the seam shadow of the lower waistband edge or optionally at the upper waistband edge.

Your advantages

  • Special compensation clamp for different fabric thicknesses in the waistband area
  • Programmable stitch lengths for all seam sections allow optically equal stitch lengths
  • Lifting mechanism for zipper slider allows safe material feed
  • Automatic seam length adaptation to different sizes
  • High productivity due to fully overlapped working method
  • Accurate repetition
  • Customer-specific fly seam contours and topstitching widths (optional)
  • Vacuum device in the table top
  • Max. sewing lengths 280 mm (standard) or 345 mm (optional)
  • Microprocessor control with error diagnosis
  • Graphical user’s guidance
  • Needle thread monitor and bobbin thread monitor for safe seam finishing
  • Memory stick for data protection
  • 50 seam programs can be programmed


Additional advantages of the sewing unit 1911-5:

  • Four various topstitch widths from 28,0 to 40,0 mm can be realized as single seam


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