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Product description

Simple design, high-speed operation

This is one of the highest speed products among long arm computerized lockstitch machines in the world. Its max speed is 4000RPM, increased by 40% comparing with the other brands. Simple design makes operating space reach 570mm x 140mm which can be widely used in sewing large size and various materials.

Performance upgrades, quality assurance

Unique designed and patented new model of thread trimmer of H9199-7C combines advantages of the high speed of flat knife and high efficiency of round knife. Because meshing degree of fixed knife and moving knife is adjustable, the comprehensive life is longer and efficiency of cutting thread is higher. Meanwhile creative design for needle breakage prevention from cutting and knife stuck prevention function reduces loss of parts caused by breakdown.


Surrounding LED lights, larger lighting scope

Further upgraded LED light of H9199-7C series which is surrounded around needle bar and presser foot bar. Based on keeping previous high-performance, illumination is more reasonable and coverage is wider.


First choice for the large piece products and template sewing

Equipped with HIKARI particularly designed back puller mechanism, computerized direct drive long arm lockstitch machine assists in feeding material and movement of template.


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