Single needle or double needle lockstitch flat bed machine with integrated drive for medium-heavy duty applications.

Product description

Single needle lockstitch flat bed machine with triple feed, equipped with an extra- large XXL vertical hook. The bobbin thread capacity increased by 70% makes it possible to reduce the number of bobbin changes nearly by half. Also available in 867-190122 which features same working parts with a smaller XL hook.

The triple feed system guarantees a trouble-free and displacement-free material feed when processing different fabric thicknesses and structures. The large clearance and the slim sewing head facilitate the handling of large-area workpieces and difficultly accessible sewing areas.

The excellent stitch pattern, the constant and tight stitch formation as well as up to 12 mm long stitches for decorative top-stitching make this machine an ideal operating means for the universal use with regard to medium-heavy duty applications.

Machine is equipped with thread-trimming, auto back-tacking and pneumatic foot lift.

Available in single and double needle.


Machine Specifications

  • -Speed: 3800 rpm
  • -Needle size range: 90-180
  • -Machine clearance: 13.2 in. length and height of 4.9 in.
  • Machine Dimensions (LxHxW);
  • 41.7 in. x 19.7 in. x 66.93 in.
  • 122 lbs – 125.6 lbs


Machine could be ordered head-only or with table and stand.

Single and double needle(3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm-21mm) available for this model.

Contact sales@asmstitch.com or horaciog@asmstitch.com


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