Attaching pockets – highly simplified
The patch pockets are creased and attached in top quality and with maximum efficiency. Changes of and adaptations to your pocket shapes can be realized easily and quickly.
According to the subclass shirt pockets or jeans pockets can be sewn. It is also possible to process striped and chequered fabrics as per pattern directly at the sewing unit without any problems.

Product description

Your advantages 
• Perfect seam quality
• Maximum efficiency due to automatic creasing, attaching and stacking
• Fully overlapping work cycle
• Easy operation and short training times
• Touch panel PC with software (“DACAD”) for the creation and modification of flexible
seam programs
• Exact seam contour due to fine adjustment of the seam programmes (creasing, corner
and tack stitches) directly at the sewing unit
• Sequences for the alternate processing of the right or left pocket possible
• International user languages can be selected
• Seam programs can be transferred via USB
• Ergonomic workplace (alternatively for sitting or standing operation)
• Optimum view for precise aligning of striped and chequered materials
• Quick change kit for creasing sets and transfer devices
• Individual adaptation of sewing programs for different materials
• Single and double seams, additional and decorative seams for individual design
• Flexible stacking system for differing material sizes
• Pocket style sets of the sewing units 806-111100, 806-121100 and 805
(requires optional set of parts) can be used

Performance examples in 480 min.
approx. 1.600 jeans pockets


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