SWF / K-UK1504-45

The SWF / K-UK1504-45 Automatic Embroidery Machine includes an LCD monitor as a standard feature. This full-color LCD control panel is easy to operate, plus you will be able to track the design as it sews and view the number of stitches per design on screen. The SWF / K-UK1504-45 is also equipped with a floppy disk drive and a USB port to connect a USB storage device.


Product description

Machine Features:

  • Tubular Sash Arms
  • Sewing field: 500 x 450 mm
  • Wide Cap Frame Clips
  • Cap Gauge
  • Cap Hooping Support Arm
  • Cap Driver & Setting Screw
  • Border Frame Clips
  • Operational Manual
  • Cap Manual
  • Backup of Software on Disk
  • Bobbin Winder
  • Tool Kit with necessary screw
    drivers, wrenches, etc.
  • Machine Grease
  • Machine Oil and Oiling Bottle
  • Foot Bolts and Pads


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