PFAFF 5487 -811/… TACKING

Single-thread chainstitch high-speed seamer with drop and variable top feed.

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Product description


  • Special high-speed seamer with pushing- or pulling-type top feed
  • Fullness application or shift-free sewing, due to variable top feed
  • Instant-change top feed for changing the top feed setting during sewing by pedal- or knee-switch control (-918/14)
  • Separately adjustable pressure of vibrating presser for optimum sewing of difficult fabrics
  • 918/55: Programmable fullness contro
  • Low-noise, low-vibration running, even at top speed
  • Easy maintenance, due to:
    • Centralized fresh-oil lubrication of needle bar and hook drive
    • Maintenance-free anti-friction bearings
    • Enclosed gearcase with long-life pad lubrication
    • Built-in adjustment gauges for quick and reliable adjustment
  • Standardized parts within the 5480 Series, thus lower costs in store-keeping


  • Thread trimmer and automatic presser foot lift

PFAFF 5487-811/01-2/47

For right edge sewing with working in front of the needle top feed. Scaled parts set. Ruler on the baseplate mounted (sewing to 2 mm to the edge)

PFAFF 5487-811/01-6/41

For plain seaming operations with push-type top feed (for applying fullness)


Tacking of the jacket front edge
Anwendung 5487-811/...


Needle system: 4463-35
Needle size:  80 – 100 Nm
Max. sewing speeds: 3.500 s.p.m
Max. stitch length: max. 10 mm
Stitch type: 101 (Chain stitch)
Clearance under the sewing foot: max. 7,0 mm
Clear workspace: 260 x 130 mm
Connection voltage:  single-phase a.c. 230 V, 50/60 Hz


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