Powerful high-speed seamer with needle feed and puller

An intelligent machine concept and the use of extremely wear-resistant components guarantee the quality, flexibility and sewing speed of this highspeed seamer. 50 years of experience with the production of “dry machines” and more than 15 years of experience with motors integrated in the sewing head are reflected in these high-speed seamers.

Complex assembly work is not required. The machine is supplied ready for use. The quiet running of the low-vibration machines is one of the outstanding features. The built-in drive unit, transmits the power directly (direct drive) to the machine and guarantees a 50% reduction of the power consumption compared to conventional drive units.

The machine works with very low thread tension settings. The needle bar stroke can be changed from 30 to 36 mm, which is an absolute requirement for sewing an extremely wide range of materials. The 300 mm arm clearance of the 2081/2083 series is unique for a high-speed seamer.

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Product description



  • Good stitch length continuity and seam quality
  • Even feed without off-setting of the material layers
  • Integrated solutions for presser foot lift, backtacking mechanism without compressed air
  • Automatic hook lubrication
  • Robust and durable machine concept
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple placement and removal due to 13 mm clearance, even for high-volume material
  • 50 years of „dry machines“ (no oil-sump)
  • High flexibility due to the adjustable needle bar stroke (30 to 36 mm)
  • One machine for all material thicknesses
  • Knife/catcher change for the thread trimming device without readjustment
  • Up to 6 mm stitch length – forward and reverse (on the C-model of the PFAFF 2081/83)
  • Presser foot and needle bar height can be adjusted from the outside
  • More than 15 years experience with direct drive technology

Triple switch within reach of the operator: forward/reverse, multi-function buttons

300 mm clearance under the machine arm


  • The thread nipper -909/14 is controlled electronically, the presser foot is raised momentarily and the needle thread is pulled through to the underside of the workpiece
  • “D-Version” Oil free sewing (if desired) – by simply changing the hook (4,000 s.p.m.)
  • Large hook (G) with 50 % more capacity than conventional hooks


Long seams in all sectors of the apparel industry, especially for difficult-to-feed materials
2081 Puller/ AnwendungIllustration 2083 -/748…


Needle system: 134
Needle size: Version A/B 70 – 100, Version C max.120 Nm
Max. sewing speeds: Version A/B max. 5.500 s.p.m
Max. stitch length: 4,5 mm (Options: 6 mm)
Stitch type: 301 (Lockstitch)
Clearance under the sewing foot: max. 13 mm
Connection voltage:  single-phase a.c. 230 V, 50/60 Hz


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