Direct-Drive High-Speed 1-Needle Bar Double Needle Lockstitch Machine


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Product description

Micro-oil lubrication systems, green energy

Mini oil system of computerized direct-drive 2-needle lockstitch machine both ensures no leakage around the needle bar, and meets power-saving and environmental protection requirements.

Hand wheel improved, more suitable for mercerizing thread

Improved hand wheel of computerized direct-drive 2-needle lockstitch machine prevents thread from spooling. It is of good performance when sewing with mercerizing thread.

Exclusive design, performance upgrade

Direct-drive 2-needle computerized lockstitch machine improves double-needle bar and needle plate and increases sewing performance. 15%-30% productivity increased, 20% work intensity decreased.

LED design, convenient for workers

With bright level adjustable LED lights, it is very convenient.


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