Hikari HX6800TA

Computerized direct-drive high-speed overlock machine


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Product description

-Computerized direct-drive intelligent high-speed overlock machine(Servo motor)

-Direct drive servo motor design

Based on the advanced mechanical structure, the world first intelligent direct-drive super high-speed automatic trimming overlock machine creatively designs direct-drive servo motor. Based on the top machining, the speed of three thread overlock machine can reach the highest speed 8000rpm.

-LED energy-saving light

HIKARI patented LED design for HX6800TA overlock machine has 9 levels luminance that can be adjusted according to color of material and requirement.

-Intelligent sewing

HX6800TA series overlock machine has four sewing modes, including full-automatic, semi-automatic, free mode and normal mode. It is suitable for workers in different spectrums and different processes.


-Effectively improve work efficiency

Perfect combination of automatic trimming, automatic presser foot lifter and automatic sucking improves working efficiency greatly. Automatic trimming and automatic presser foot lifter make labors'work quicker, easier and simpler. Automatic sucking thread tail into the bag makes a more clean and comfortable working environment.


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