Series Direct-Drive Computerized Lockstitch Machine With Side Cutter
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Product description

Production efficiency and quality of sewing Improved significantly

Perfectly integrated with the cutter and equipped with direct-drive servo motor, needle positioning, automatic trimming and other functions, which can greatly enhance stitch quality and working efficiency.


Adjustable LED light inserted on the machine head

H8880C-7C series humanized embed the LED light into the machine body, enlarge the working space and enhance brightness in cutter and sewing areas. The LED light has three levels and can be adjusted to different lever according to different color of fabric. It makes labor’s eyes feel more relax and comfortable.


Innovative designed knife base

In order to avoid oil leaking, direct-drive high-speed computerized lockstitch machine with knife adopts optimized design to reduce oil contaminate. Besides 1/8 gauge, two more gauge 1/4 and 3/16 added to meet different needs. Moreover, no need to change the baiting slot when changing gauge set.


More competitive price with better quality

Computerized lockstitch machine organically integrates with cutter and equips with direct-drive servo motor, automatic needle positioning, automatic trimming and so on. It can greatly enhance stitch quality and working efficiency but the price is only 1/3 of other global brands. Thereby it has a very high cost performance.


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